Blogging the Safe and Together Model

For  over a decade  I have been working with child welfare systems around the country to improve their response  to domestic violence cases.  During that time I’ve developed the Safe and Together model. This blog is dedicated to the ideas underpinning that model:

  • Child welfare systems cannot achieve their core mission of safety, permanency and well-being of children without being competent and skillful in their response to domestic violence
  • That the interests of domestic violence survivors and child welfare are in significant alignment: reducing or eliminating the safety and risk concerns posed by batterers.
  • That child welfare systems need to develop their capacities and competencies to intervene more effectively with domestic violence perpetrators.

In this blog I will be exploring these ideas and the Safe and Togther model that provides a practical and concrete approach to improving the response of child welfare to the risk and safety concerns presented by batterers.   I will be providing practical tips and ideas for policy and practice.  I hope you will join me in the conversation.

David Mandel

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