International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect discussion on children exposed to domestic violence starts today

by David Mandel

Part of the Safe and Together model focuses on connecting batterer behavior to adverse impact on children.   For those interested in participating in a discussion on children exposed to batterer’s behavior, Dr. Jeff Edleson, Dr. Claire Crooks and others are panelists this week (June 15-June 22) on Virtual Issues Discussion (VID) Group at the ISPCAN web site.  If you click here,  you’ll be able to view the papers associated with the VID and register to receive the posts and join in the discussion.

I highly encourage you to check out this discussion as I recently spent some time with Jeff at the  “Greenbook” summit.   He is a long time leader and researcher in the field of domestic violence and child maltreatment.  After a trip to the Scandinavian countries,  he was discussing how a human rights perspective on children exposed to domestic violence  challenges us to look at the needs and desires of children from a different angle.    This different lens of a human rights approach is important because it can lead us to consider different intervention and prevention strategies.

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