August, 2010

Stories from the 2010 Florida Dependency Summit

By Kristen Selleck, MSW National Training and Consultation Director I attended the 2010 Florida Dependency Summit and, along with David Mandel and Bridget Reilly, met with various leadership staff from DCF and other agencies that’ve been trained in the Safe and Together model. There were excellent stories from these sites […]

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Florida DCF removes takes steps to stop “failure to protect” allegations against domestic violence survivors

The Orlando (FL) Sentinel recently published an article entitled “DCF officials changing the way they assess “failure to protect” cases: Advocates for battered women praise new direction child welfare agency is taking.” The article, which highlighted a recent serious assault by a father against the mother of his children,  focused […]

Adult Probation has an important role to play in child welfare

by David Mandel Dr. Katreena Scott (recently returned from supporting the implementation of her Caring Dads curriculum in the UK) shared with me a comprehensive UK statutory guide on inter-agency child welfare collaboration.   Browsing the document I was struck by this item: “Probation services supervise offenders with the aim […]

One dimensional view of domestic violence perpetrators can harm survivors

David Mandel, MA, LPC It’s difficult not to demonize domestic violence perpetrators.   If you listen to domestic violence survivors describe their abuse, see their injuries, read police reports of violence and abuse, or  even read news reports of  extreme abuse, it’s very human to  be horrified. It’s also very human […]

Creativity Aids in the Application of the Safe and Together Model

By Kristen Selleck, MSW National Training and Consultation Director In order to maintain the safety and well-being of children with limited resources and  following policies and statutes which weren’t necessarily developed with domestic violence cases in mind, child welfare workers need to be creative or think outside the box.   This […]

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