The Trauma Stewardship Institute releases short movie on its work

A few years ago an old friend, who was familiar with the work I do, recommended that I read Laura van Dernoot Lipsky’s book Trauma Stewardship. I read it and as a practitioner working with violence in families for over twenty years I found it wise, compassionate, gritty and practical all at the same time. Laura’s writing about how trauma changes us and how to support yourself and others helped me clarify and deepen my practice around my own trauma exposure response. I also saw it as an essential tool, an adjunct to our Safe and Together™ model work with child welfare, domestic violence and other related professionals. I subsequently bought copies of Trauma Stewardship for my own staff. I saw it as my responsibility as a leader to offer this information and support as an integral part of our organizational culture. Then we brought Laura to train my staff and others in our community. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Since then I have continued to talk about Laura’s work as I’ve trained around the country and abroad. I believe Laura’s writing and training (and now this short film) can help individuals, organizations and communities have critical dialogs about how to be more trauma informed in their practice and how to develop practical strategies for staying healthy as we work to decrease violence, abuse and suffering in our families and communities. To view their new video, click here.


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