Safe and Together™ Model and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative Training for Home Visitors

In recent years, David Mandel & Associates has begun applying its Safe and Together model and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative to working with home visiting agencies in their efforts to support at-risk and vulnerable families. Home visitors have a unique in-home role working with families to prevent child maltreatment and strengthen families. In this context, skills related to supporting safe, positive father engagement and addressing domestic violence are critical. Our trainings help home visiting agencies screen for and respond effectively to the presence of domestic violence and provide an overall balanced approach to healthy father involvement in families.  Our goal is to support effective home visiting practice in the areas of domestic violence and father involvement in a manner consistent with our commitment to the safety and well being of mothers and children, high parenting standards for fathers and the recognition of the important role fathers play in the lives of their children.

To download a flier with more information about trainings for home visitors click here.

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