David Mandel to present five days of training in Queensland and Victoria Australia November 2013

David Mandel will be training in Australia in November on a trip organised by the Men’s Behavior Change organisation No to Violence ( The trip will involve two days of training in Melbourne and two and a half days in Queensland.  He is being hosted by No To Violence, a Melbourne-ebased Men’s Behavior Change  organisation that provides technical assistance and training across Australia and  the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, whose primary purpose is to create and disseminate knowledge to influence, and enhance, policy, programs and practice in the field of domestic and family violence prevention across Queensland ( The trip involves  presentations on the Safe and Together and Responsible Fatherhood  models  to audiences that include child welfare, family violence  and integrated family services agencies. One of the sessions will be broadcast to universities across Queensland. 

Below is the blurb for one for events. More event information to follow in future posts:


No To Violence ( and the Domestic Violence Resource Centre ( present two events by US trainer and consultant David Mandel

Safe and Together: A child-centred approach to the intersection of intimate partner violence and child maltreatmentThursday November 14, 9:30am – 5:00pm


Using a child as a weapon. Choosing to expose children to violence against their parent. Sabotaging the mother’s substance abuse recovery.

These are just some of the many ways that men who perpetrate intimate partner violence create safety and risk concerns for children.

The Safe and Together model is a field-tested, best practice approach through which child protection and other professionals can make good decisions for children impacted by family violence. Used in many US states with child welfare agencies, family violence advocates and others, the model provides a concrete framework for advancing practice, improving coordination and collaboration, and updating policy. The model’s assumptions, principles and critical components can be viewed at

Safe and Together founder David Mandel will provide an overview of the model and its diverse applications. He will examine a continuum of family violence-informed child welfare practice, and discuss current advances in the work. David will emphasise the importance of practising as if men who perpetrate family violence, not victims, are the source of the safety and risk concerns for children. The workshop will support participants to relate the model to their own practice in terms of interviewing, case planning, assessing, safety planning and collaboration.

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