Second Melbourne Australia Event for Week of November 11, 2013

David Mandel will be training in Australia in November on a trip organised by the Men’s Behavior Change organisation No to Violence ( The trip will involve two days of training in Melbourne and two and a half days in Queensland.  He is being hosted by No To Violence, a Melbourne-ebased Men’s Behavior Change  organisation that provides technical assistance and training across Australia and  the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, whose primary purpose is to create and disseminate knowledge to influence, and enhance, policy, programs and practice in the field of domestic and family violence prevention across Queensland ( The trip involves  presentations on the Safe and Together and Responsible Fatherhood  models  to audiences that include child welfare, family violence  and integrated family services agencies. One of the sessions will be broadcast to universities across Queensland. 

Below is the blurb for Friday for event in Melbourne. More event information to follow in future posts:


No To Violence ( and the Domestic Violence Resource Centre ( present two events by US trainer and consultant David Mandel

Safe engagement and assessment: Working with fathers and families to support safe, positive fathering

Friday November 15, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Fathers have a significant and long-lasting impact on the lives and development of their children. This is based in part on the choices he makes about how to interact with his child, and how he co-parents.

Despite this significance, child protection, family services and family violence practitioners often receive little training in engaging and assessing fathers. Communities often have few specific programs to refer fathers to. These gaps have major implications for children, mothers and fathers, especially for families already affected by racism, poverty and other forms of oppression.

David Mandel, drawing on his work with men and systems, will discuss the importance of setting high expectations for fathers to support safe and positive involvement in the lives of their children. David will explore his organisation’s Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, the intersection of father engagement and family violence, and how our approach with fathers can transform the way we work with mothers and children. The training will also introduce participants to the VAEA (Validate, Assess, Engage, Ask) model when working with families around a father’s role.



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