DMA Introduces Safe and Together Model Practice Tool Training at the National Differential Response Conference

During the week of October 21, 2013 David Mandel and Kristen Selleck presented at the 8th Annual Differential Response Conference hosted by the Kempe Center. The conference took place in beautiful Vail, Colorado. The Kempe Center is an international leader in child abuse prevention and is committed to supporting the meaningful implementation and use of differential response.

During a full day skills institute, David and Kristen presented introduced two practice tools that are part of the Safe and Together Model Suite of Tools and Interventions. The majority of the day was spent on the practice of mapping perpetrators’ behaviors onto child welfare practice.  This powerful practice tool provides a structured way to connect perpetrator behavior patterns to worker safety, identifying safety and risk concerns to children, building strong partnerships with adult survivors and effective engagement and case planning with perpetrators. The trainers also modeled the practice tool of pivoting, which is a useful skill for anyone in a supervisor or consultative role. The day was successful and participants were able to look at cases in a unique way that focused on meeting the needs of child safety and well-being through a set of tools that they could bring back to their communities and agencies.

David also presented on “Creating a Domestic Violence Informed Child Welfare System.” This training walked participants through the Continuum of Domestic Violence Practice (CODVP) framework. The framework allows agencies and communities to evaluate their practice from “domestic violence destructive” to “domestic violence proficiency.” This presentation was well attended and many participants asked important questions about enhancing their systems’ response to domestic violence.

In the coming weeks, David Mandel & Associates, as it moves to launching the International Center for Innovation in Domestic Violence Practice (ICIDVP), will  be providing more information about advances in the Safe and Together Model Suite of Tools and Interventions, the CODVP and the other practice innovations.

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