Batterers as Fathers

New video on how child welfare can build stronger partnerships with domestic violence survivors

David Mandel demonstrating and discussing two different approaches to building stronger child welfare partnerships with domestic violence survivors. The clip highlights how, in domestic violence informed child welfare practice, learning about the survivor’s efforts to promote the safety and well being of the children (the 3rd Critical Component) is central […]

David Mandel & Associates LLC and Connecticut’s Children’s Trust Fund: Together Improving the Capacity of Home Visitors to Respond to Domestic Violence and Safely Engage Fathers

Since 2011, David Mandel & Associates LLC and Connecticut’s Children’s Trust Fund, have partnered to improve the capacity of Connecticut’s Home Visitors to identify indicators of domestic violence, support the safety of domestic violence survivors and their children, and safely and effectively engage fathers to support the healthiest possible relationship […]

Safe and Together™ Model and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative Training for Home Visitors

In recent years, David Mandel & Associates has begun applying its Safe and Together model and Responsible Fatherhood Initiative to working with home visiting agencies in their efforts to support at-risk and vulnerable families. Home visitors have a unique in-home role working with families to prevent child maltreatment and strengthen […]

New downloadable sample Safe and Together™ Model material added to our website

We just added new downloadable sample Safe and Together™ Model materials to our website. The materials includes information on case planning with perpetrators; identifying survivors strengths; actions perpetrator take to harm children;  the intersection of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues and documentation practice.  To view the material […]

Battered Women’s Justice Project offers January 2013 webinar on Fatherhood and Domestic Violence with David Mandel

As part of its 2013 Webinar Series on “Researcher-Practitioner Discourse on Initiatives to End Violence Against Women,” the Battered Women’s Justice Project is offering a January 14 2013 3:00- 4:30 pm (Eastern time) webinar on Fatherhood and Domestic Violence with David Mandel, MA, LPC and Gabrielle Davis, J. D. who is an […]

The value of Multi-Disciplinary Teams reviewing serious domestic violence cases involving children: One Connecticut’s team’s experience

by David Mandel, MA, LPC In the past three decades, Connecticut, like other states, has struggled to respond effectively to the rise of reported child abuse and neglect cases. To help adequately address the myriad needs of victims and their families, as well as to increase successful investigation and prosecution […]

Good assessment of the perpetrator’s pattern behavior and its impact goes beyond “Did the children see or hear the violence?”

by David Mandel, MA, LPC The Safe and Together™ model’s critical components form the foundation of good assessment practice for domestic violence as a factor in cases involving children.  The first two critical components focus on the perpetrator’s pattern of coercive control and the actions taken to harm the children. […]

Adult Probation has an important role to play in child welfare

by David Mandel Dr. Katreena Scott (recently returned from supporting the implementation of her Caring Dads curriculum in the UK) shared with me a comprehensive UK statutory guide on inter-agency child welfare collaboration.   Browsing the document I was struck by this item: “Probation services supervise offenders with the aim […]

One dimensional view of domestic violence perpetrators can harm survivors

David Mandel, MA, LPC It’s difficult not to demonize domestic violence perpetrators.   If you listen to domestic violence survivors describe their abuse, see their injuries, read police reports of violence and abuse, or  even read news reports of  extreme abuse, it’s very human to  be horrified. It’s also very human […]

Batterer as fathers chapter published

by David Mandel I recently had a chapter published on Batterers and the Lives of Their Children in the Praeger Perspectives 4 Volume Series “Violence Againt Women in Families and Relationships” edited by Evan Stark and Eve Buzawa.   My chapter appears in Volume Two “The Family Context” and focuses on […]

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