Child Welfare

The Safe and Together™ model and Alternative Response: The Intersectionality of Perpetrator’s Patterns and Substance Use

By David Mandel, MA, LPC Domestic violence and substance abuse co-occur in both the alternative response and traditional response pathways. Despite this day-to-day contact many in the child welfare system have with families experiencing both domestic violence and substance abuse, the understanding of the intersectionality of these issues is still […]

Are we measuring safety or hope when we measure protective capacities?

by Kristen Selleck, MSW, National Training Director I’ve been reading a lot about protective efforts and how we assess domestic violence survivors’ capacity for protecting their children. Different assessment tools look at different things, such as “Does the victim recognize threats?” or “Is the victim willing to make plans to […]

Video Clip from 1st National Safe and Together Model Symposium: Plenary Session: David Mandel 3

As part of the lead up to October’s 2nd National Safe and Together Model Symposium in Seattle, we will occasionally be publishing video from last year’s Symposium in New Orleans.In this clip, David answers a question from the audience about how to best reach out to child welfare after attending […]

CAPTA, a perpetrator pattern-based approach and domestic violence informed child welfare systems

By David Mandel, MA, LPC In the beginning of May 2014, David Mandel & Associates will be presenting as part of a team at the 19th National Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect in New Orleans.  The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) will be hosting the […]

Florida co-located advocates, Florida DCF and Safe and Together model combine to reduce removal of children from domestic violence survivors in half

David Mandel & Associates has been collaborating with both the Florida Coalition for Domestic Violence (FCADV) and the Florida Department of Children and Families for the past seven years. In the last few years, much of this work has focused on supporting FCADV funded co-located domestic violence advocates as part […]

Changing a System from the Outside: Thoughts for Domestic Violence Advocates Wanting to Support and Encourage Domestic Violence Proficient Child Welfare Systems

by Kristen Selleck, MSW National Training Director With the growth of co-located child welfare domestic violence advocates across the country, (by one count approximately 25 states have some form of co-located child welfare domestic violence advocates), domestic violence advocates have more day to day direct contact with the child welfare […]

OVW approves the NOLA May 9-10, 2013 Safe and Together™ Model Symposium for some grant programs

David Mandel & Associates is very excited that attending the May 9-10, 2013 Safe and Together™ Model Symposium in New Orleans just became easier for OVW funded grantees.  The following is the message from OVW regarding using OVW funding for attending the Symposium: “Grantees from OVW’s Culturally and Linguistically Specific […]

National Safe and Together™ Model Symposium: Shaping Practice to Effectively Respond to Domestic Violence When Children are Involved May 9-10, 2013, New Orleans, LA.

*Register before March 15, 2013 to save $175 USD on room and conference registration/Register 5 people from your community and get the 6th conference registration free* To register go event page click here. You are invited to join us for a two-day symposium bringing together child welfare professionals, domestic violence […]

Free Pass for Survivors?

By Kristen Selleck, MSW National Training Director I’ve been asked in various ways in different places recently a question that boils down to this: Does the Safe and Together ™ Model mean that survivors of domestic violence get a free pass in child welfare? I believe the question is grounded […]

David Mandel invited by Singapore Government to speak at National Family Violence Networking Symposium

David Mandel has been invited by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to speak at their National Family Violence Networking Symposium (NFVNS). It is a full-day event which provides an opportunity for professionals and practitioners to discuss policies and practice with […]

Safe and Together™ model video adds to launch of David Mandel & Associates Facebook page

David Mandel & Associates LLC recently launched a Facebook page to increase communication about the Safe and Together™ model and its other work with its clients and others interested in improving the safety and well-being of families.  As it grows the David Mandel & Associates’ Facebook page will have information about […]

The value of Multi-Disciplinary Teams reviewing serious domestic violence cases involving children: One Connecticut’s team’s experience

by David Mandel, MA, LPC In the past three decades, Connecticut, like other states, has struggled to respond effectively to the rise of reported child abuse and neglect cases. To help adequately address the myriad needs of victims and their families, as well as to increase successful investigation and prosecution […]

Good assessment of the perpetrator’s pattern behavior and its impact goes beyond “Did the children see or hear the violence?”

by David Mandel, MA, LPC The Safe and Together™ model’s critical components form the foundation of good assessment practice for domestic violence as a factor in cases involving children.  The first two critical components focus on the perpetrator’s pattern of coercive control and the actions taken to harm the children. […]

NCALP Update: Ohio Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative statewide expansion well underway

by Jenifer S. Thompson Staff Attorney National Center for Adoption Law & Policy at Capital University Law School Statewide expansion of the Ohio Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative (OIPVC), featuring training in the Safe and Together model of child welfare response to domestic violence,  is well underway.  Expansion is a two […]

Safe and Together Differential Response Presentations at November 2011 American Humane Association National Conference

At a time when interest in how to respond to domestic violence under Differential Response grows, David Mandel & Associates will be presenting at the American Humane Association conference on Differential Response in Chicago from November 8-10 2011.  David Mandel and National Training Director Kristen Selleck will be leading a […]