Children Exposed to Batterer Behavior

Batterer as fathers chapter published

by David Mandel I recently had a chapter published on Batterers and the Lives of Their Children in the Praeger Perspectives 4 Volume Series “Violence Againt Women in Families and Relationships” edited by Evan Stark and Eve Buzawa.   My chapter appears in Volume Two “The Family Context” and focuses on […]

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Domestic Violence and Child Welfare: The work always starts with the children

by David Mandel The dynamics of domestic violence pose a series of challenges to child welfare workers. What is the adverse impact of a batterer’s behavior when the children haven’t been physically harmed? How do we identify the presence of domestic violence in families when the presenting issue is something […]

International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect discussion on children exposed to domestic violence starts today

by David Mandel Part of the Safe and Together model focuses on connecting batterer behavior to adverse impact on children.   For those interested in participating in a discussion on children exposed to batterer’s behavior, Dr. Jeff Edleson, Dr. Claire Crooks and others are panelists this week (June 15-June 22) on […]