Differential Response

The Safe and Together™ model and Alternative Response: The Intersectionality of Perpetrator’s Patterns and Substance Use

By David Mandel, MA, LPC Domestic violence and substance abuse co-occur in both the alternative response and traditional response pathways. Despite this day-to-day contact many in the child welfare system have with families experiencing both domestic violence and substance abuse, the understanding of the intersectionality of these issues is still […]

Are we measuring safety or hope when we measure protective capacities?

by Kristen Selleck, MSW, National Training Director I’ve been reading a lot about protective efforts and how we assess domestic violence survivors’ capacity for protecting their children. Different assessment tools look at different things, such as “Does the victim recognize threats?” or “Is the victim willing to make plans to […]

DMA Introduces Safe and Together Model Practice Tool Training at the National Differential Response Conference

During the week of October 21, 2013 David Mandel and Kristen Selleck presented at the 8th Annual Differential Response Conference hosted by the Kempe Center. The conference took place in beautiful Vail, Colorado. The Kempe Center is an international leader in child abuse prevention and is committed to supporting the […]

NCALP Update: Ohio Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative statewide expansion well underway

by Jenifer S. Thompson Staff Attorney National Center for Adoption Law & Policy at Capital University Law School www.ncalp.org Statewide expansion of the Ohio Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative (OIPVC), featuring training in the Safe and Together model of child welfare response to domestic violence,  is well underway.  Expansion is a two […]

Safe and Together Differential Response Presentations at November 2011 American Humane Association National Conference

At a time when interest in how to respond to domestic violence under Differential Response grows, David Mandel & Associates will be presenting at the American Humane Association conference on Differential Response in Chicago from November 8-10 2011.  David Mandel and National Training Director Kristen Selleck will be leading a […]