Domestic Violence Advocates

Safe and Together Model Advocacy Institute Participant Shares Changes in Practice

The feedback we have received from Advocacy Institute participants in Florida has been overwhelmingly positive, and in many ways has even exceeded our expectations. Many of the participants have indicated an increase in their confidence in working with child welfare and voiced increased skills in working with child welfare-involved clients. […]

Video Clip from 1st National Safe and Together Model Symposium: Plenary Session: David Mandel 3

As part of the lead up to October’s 2nd National Safe and Together Model Symposium in Seattle, we will occasionally be publishing video from last year’s Symposium in New Orleans.In this clip, David answers a question from the audience about how to best reach out to child welfare after attending […]

CAPTA, a perpetrator pattern-based approach and domestic violence informed child welfare systems

By David Mandel, MA, LPC In the beginning of May 2014, David Mandel & Associates will be presenting as part of a team at the 19th National Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect in New Orleans.  The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) will be hosting the […]

Florida co-located advocates, Florida DCF and Safe and Together model combine to reduce removal of children from domestic violence survivors in half

David Mandel & Associates has been collaborating with both the Florida Coalition for Domestic Violence (FCADV) and the Florida Department of Children and Families for the past seven years. In the last few years, much of this work has focused on supporting FCADV funded co-located domestic violence advocates as part […]

New video on how child welfare can build stronger partnerships with domestic violence survivors

David Mandel demonstrating and discussing two different approaches to building stronger child welfare partnerships with domestic violence survivors. The clip highlights how, in domestic violence informed child welfare practice, learning about the survivor’s efforts to promote the safety and well being of the children (the 3rd Critical Component) is central […]

Changing a System from the Outside: Thoughts for Domestic Violence Advocates Wanting to Support and Encourage Domestic Violence Proficient Child Welfare Systems

by Kristen Selleck, MSW National Training Director With the growth of co-located child welfare domestic violence advocates across the country, (by one count approximately 25 states have some form of co-located child welfare domestic violence advocates), domestic violence advocates have more day to day direct contact with the child welfare […]