Domestic Violence-Informed E-Learning

Domestic Violence-Informed E-Learning


The Safe and Together Institute is proud to announce the launching of its domestic violence-informed e-learning program. Over the next year, starting with our first 2-hour course, “Safe and Together: An Introduction to the Model,” we will begin offering high quality, interactive courses that explore concepts, knowledge and practices related to the Safe and Together Model and domestic violence-informed practice.  Developed in conjunction with Kempe Innovative Design, a leader in online learning for a child welfare audience, these courses bring the Safe and Together™ Model to you and your team’s fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Using state-of-the-art educational practice involving reality based scenarios and interactive practice activities, these courses can be taken as “stand alone” or as part of wider implementation of domestic violence-informed systems change.

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Why Domestic Violence-Informed E-learning Courses?

  • Cost effective learning:
    • A 2-hour course can be compared to a full day of classroom learning time
    • No travel time to and from a training site
  • Personalized learning:
    • The learner takes the course where and when they want
    • “Bite size learning”: learners can start, stop and pick up where they left off as often as they want
  • Additional Agency Benefits:
    • Consistency: each learner is exposed to the same material
    • Measurability: pre and post knowledge tests allow the agency to measure learning
    • Leverage In-Person Training Efforts: E-learning courses can be paired with Safe and Together Institute in-person, e.g. Core Practice Training to speed culture and practice change
  • Other benefits:
    • Earn social work CEs (pending)
    • Earn CEs toward Safe and Together Institute certifications

How do I purchase a domestic violence-informed e-learning course?

  • Courses can be bought by individuals or organizations
  • 5% Safe and Together Member discounts apply
  • Bulk and package discounts available

Who are these courses good for?

  • Child welfare practitioners and managers: statutory and non-governmental organizations (non-profits)
  • Domestic violence advocates/women sector workers
  • Attorneys and court personnel
  • Substance abuse and mental health professionals
  • Health or home visitors
  • Batterer intervention/men’s behavior change staff
  • Any professionals who work with families experiencing domestic violence

Cost & Access

Each course costs $50USD per person. This amounts to $25USD/credit hour. Individuals and organizations can purchase the course. Membership discounts (5%) can be applied to individual purchases. Bulk discounts are available for large purchases.  Please contact us for more information.

Course Description

Safe and Together: An introduction to the Model (AVAILABLE MARCH 15, 2017)

The Safe and Together™ Model is an internationally recognized suite of tools and interventions designed to help child welfare and their partners become domestic violence-informed. Continuously refined, based on years of experience implementing the Model across the United States and other countries, the Model helps improve competencies and cross-system collaboration related to the intersection of domestic violence and child maltreatment.

This child-centered Model derives its name from the concept that children are best served when we can work toward keeping them safe and together with the non-offending parent (the adult domestic violence survivor). The Model provides a framework for partnering with domestic violence survivors and intervening with domestic violence perpetrators to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children.

In this training, you’ll learn

  • the principles and components of the Safe and Together Model
  • what a perpetrator-pattern based approach is
  • the importance of partnering with the survivor
  • how a perpetrator’s behavior impacts the child
  • how to apply the Model to your work
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Coming later in 2017 (titles subject to Change)

Multiple Pathways to Harm: A comprehensive assessment framework

Introduction to Working with Men as Parents: Fathers’ parenting choices matter

Intersections and Intersectionalities: Domestic violence informed practice with real families

Creating Domestic Violence-Informed Systems: Introduction to the domestic violence continuum of practice

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