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Due to strong global demand for Safe and Together™ Model training, the Safe and Together Institute has developed a new model of certifying trainers to deliver the Model.

Starting in July 2017, the Safe and Together Institute will begin offering the following option for becoming a certified trainer.  This option will have the following features:

  • Low initial entry cost: Receive the necessary training for $1500USD
  • Over a 65% reduction in trainer costs (as compared to using Safe and Together Institute faculty or staff)
  • The ability to generate revenue by charging for the training
  • A “pay as you go” structure that allows agencies to manage training costs
  • Immediate ability (upon completion of certification requirements) to deliver an unlimited number of Core Four Day Trainings and 1 Day Overviews
  • On-going, unlimited technical assistance including an assigned Safe and Together “Training Mentor”
  • All the materials needed to deliver the trainings including trainer manuals, handouts, videos
  • Full online support for training registrations
  • Regular updates on the curriculum
  • Future opportunities to add other Safe and Together Model trainings, e.g. Advanced Training Days

Who we are looking for?

The Safe and Together Institute wants to establish relationships with agencies who want a person or persons on their staff to be become a Certified Safe and Together Model trainer.  We are looking for agencies that demonstrate a commitment to domestic violence-informed practice, high quality training and are interested in supporting the dissemination of the Model.   While we want to establish a relationship with an agency, we will be certifying individual trainers.   We are looking for applicants who have already had significant experience with the Model, preferably at least the Core Four Day training.  Individuals with training experienced are preferred but not required.

What is required for certification?

To be certified, applicants must:

  • Be accepted as a candidate based on the application process
  • Work for agency that is an approved Safe and Together Institute partner
  • Complete five days of in-person training
  • Complete video observation of training the Core Practice Training
  • Participate in remote coaching sessions with a Safe and Together training mentor
  • Submit videos of their own Safe and Trainings (initial and once a year while certified)
  • Complete required reading and online learning
  • Pass a knowledge test

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a certain degree to become a Trainer? You need to have a Bachelor’s Degree. We want trainers who have used the Model in their own practice, and understand its benefits from their own direct experience. We also prefer trainers who also have training experience but are open to working with the right candidates to improve their training skills.

Is there a limit to what kind of agency can host a Certified Trainer? Currently there is no specific requirement. We are open to both governmental and non-governmental entities.

How often do you plan to provide trainer certification training? Right now, the plan is to host one in the US and one in Australia every year. This may be expanded to the UK, Canada and other countries, depending on need.

Can I travel to attend one of your trainings in another country? Yes, absolutely.

Is there a limit to how many agencies in a given geographic area can host trainers? Currently there is no plan to limit the number of host agencies/Certified Trainers by geographic area. This may change in the future depending on how thing progress.

Can we join with another agency or agencies and jointly host a Certified Trainer? Yes, but we will need to have one agency responsible for handling the administrative aspects of relationship with the Safe and Together Institute.

Are the costs of the continuing education hours included in the certification fees/agreement? The Safe and Together Institute is committed to providing at least 13.25 CE hours every two years toward recertification at no cost to the Certified Trainers.

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