David Mandel & Associates transforming into the Safe and Together Institute (September 2016)

David Mandel & Associates transforming into the Safe and Together Institute (September 2016)

Over the past 10+ years David Mandel & Associates has worked with communities, agencies and professionals all over the world to help improve the safety and wellbeing for adult and child domestic violence survivors.  Our Safe and Together™ Model collaborations have helped systems become better at keeping children safe and together with their mothers. The combination of a framework of a perpetrator pattern-based approach and domestic violence-informed child welfare system has been a benefit to child welfare and domestic violence advocates alike. Practical and effective tools, pivoting and perpetrator pattern mapping, has helped advance the field.

Over the last decade, we’ve touched more lives in more states and countries than I could have imagined ten years ago. Moving forward into our second decade, my team and I are committed to doing everything we can to further our vision of helping families by transforming child welfare and child serving systems’ domestic violence practice.  To better achieve this goal and the global nature of our work, we are transforming our identity from “David Mandel & Associates” to the “Safe and Together Institute.”   The mission of the Safe and Together Institute is to create, nurture and sustain a global network of domestic violence-informed child welfare professionals, communities and systems. Our new tagline, designed to reflect our organization, is “ Concrete strategies. Meaningful tools. Real change.”  

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The Safe and Together Institute will be dedicated to:

  • Advancing inquiry, knowledge, practice  and collaboration related to a perpetrator pattern-based approach to the intersection of domestic violence and children
  • Developing  a network of professionals, organizations and communities working together to create domestic violence informed-child welfare and related systems

We will accomplish these goals by:

  • Implementing the Safe and Together Model through training, certification and systems’ consultation
  • Implementing the Safe Engagement Model of working with fathers through training, certification and systems consultation
  • Advancing learning, dialogue and practice through“Innovation Partnerships,” white papers, data collection and dissemination, symposia and other activities
  • The development and dissemination of practical tools to promote real world systems’ change and practice improvement

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new website and highlighting our new identity with new information, new projects and new opportunities for collaboration.

As the Executive Director of the Safe and Together Institute, I, along with Heidi, Kyle  and our team, look forward to continuing our work with you and your agency. We hope and expect this change will help our relationship to grow, evolve and produce even better outcomes for your agency and the families you serve.

David Mandel

Executive Director

Safe and Together Institute