Safe & Together

6th Annual Safe & Together Conference


Save the Date!

We hope you will join us for the first time, or the sixth, as we continue to bring together professionals from around the globe who want to create domestic violence-informed systems. Our program will include new presenters and workshops that build on the following themes:

  • Real Strength: Adult Survivors’ Protective Capacities as Parents
  • Voices of Children: Adult Child Survivors and Their Experiences
  • Working with Men as Parents: Practicing as if Men’s Choices Matter to Child and Family Functioning
  • Moving Texas Forward: Advancing Domestic Violence-Informed Practice Across the Lone Star State
  • As well as, data and policy changes seen in communities incorporating the Safe & Together Model


Pre-Conference: October 3, 2018
Conference: October 4-5, 2018
PLUS: Safe and Together CORE training: October 1-3, 2018


Sheraton Gunter Hotel San Antonio
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What’s Important?

  • LOWEST hotel room rate at $149
  • Government Per Diem hotel room rates available
  • CORE Safe & Together training offered again
  • Conference ends on a holiday weekend (in case you need a little extra time to visit San Antonio)
  • Get 5 from your community to attend and the 6th registration is FREE
  • Free Members receive 5% off any registration fee

Who should attend?

The Safe & Together Conference is designed for both professionals experienced with the model as well as those attending Safe & Together Model training for the first time. Most attendees include child welfare frontline workers, supervisors, managers/administrators; child welfare attorneys; domestic violence advocates, counselors, administrators; policy makers; researchers; judges; Guardians ad Litem, CASAs; home visitors; mental health and substance abuse professionals; fatherhood program staff; and/or batterer intervention providers. Participants should be interested in enhancing safety for children, developing responsible fatherhood practices, supporting survivors of domestic violence and intervening with perpetrators of domestic violence.

Why are we excited?

This year we will be hosting the First Annual Asia-Pacific Safe and Together Conference, in Melbourne, Australia with more than 250 attendees from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. We are really excited to bring back what we learned to Texas and continue connecting partners from around the world who are creating Domestic Violence-Informed systems.

What last year’s attendees found valuable:

“Being able to connect to others across the country and the world

and learn about how they are doing things in their area.”


“It opened my eyes to the role that the father plays in the family.”


“I enjoyed the examples of case planning with fathers who use violence.

How to better write case notes to reflect responsibility on batterer and not victim.”


“Tools and Examples!”

Safe & Together Conference

October 4-5 / 9am – 4pm / Breakfast & Lunch provided

The following is a tentative outline of workshops and plenaries that will be offered at the Safe & Together Conference. A complete agenda will be published soon.

  • Research on the importance of partnering with adult survivors around the safety and well being of children
  • Experiences from adult children exposed to domestic violence and research on resiliency
  • Discussions on male parental development and its importance to working with men as parents
  • Texas specific workshops for child protection, domestic violence advocates, batterer intervention and prevention program staff and others

Pre-Conference Workshops

October 3 / 9am – 4pm / Breakfast & Lunch provided
(Choose to attend a full day skills-based training)

  • The Safe & Together Model: This introductory course will provide an overview of the model’s Principles, Critical Components and some basic practice skills around perpetrator pattern-based risk assessment, case mapping and impact on children. This full-day course is recommended for anyone new to the Safe & Together model.
  • Enhancing Advocacy: Improving outcomes for survivors and their children involved in the child welfare system has been part of the ongoing mission for domestic violence advocates. This full-day training will highlight some key topics from the Advocacy Institute, such as shared language with child welfare, pivoting and mapping survivors’ strengths. Anyone is welcome.
  • Interviewing Perpetrators to Promote Child Safety: This advanced full-day training will cover how a foundation of a perpetrator pattern-based, behavior focused, gender responsive, non-judgmental approach can be effective when working with domestic violence perpetrators from all different backgrounds. Those attending are recommended to have had some exposure to the Safe & Together Model previously.

Safe & Together CORE Training

October 1-3 / 8am – 5pm / Breakfast & Lunch provided

The Safe & Together Model’s foundational skills training, has been significantly redesigned and updated based on feedback from participants and sites around the globe. The CORE Training has been delivered to child welfare, domestic violence advocates, batterer intervention professionals, police and family service providers nationally and internationally for more than five years as a foundation to supporting Domestic Violence-Informed practices and systems change.

Join the second open-enrollment CORE Training in San Antonio BEFORE the Safe & Together Conference! Held Monday-Wednesday from 8:00am – 5:00pm at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel, the redesigned CORE Training will include:

  • Skills-based training goals: assessment, interviewing, documentation and case planning
  • More experiential learning using practice tools and exercises
  • Videos demonstrating interviewing with perpetrators, partnering with survivors and engaging children
  • Greater emphasis on complex, multi-issue cases
  • Greater emphasis on intersectionality
  • Certificate of 22 training hours

Learn more here

More information will be posted soon!